Saturday, July 27, 2013

Benjie Paras' son, Kobe, gets the Limelight

Wait, girls, prepare yourselves!

Be more excited and be more ''kilig'' as  Kobe Paras, Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster's son, enters the world of show business!

Let's get to know Kobe:
Kobe, 15, is Benjie Paras second son, he recently crowned being first ever rookie MVP in the history of Philippine professional basketball. He's a standout athlete in at La Salle Greenhills. He's also a member of the FIBA-ASIA and SEABA basketball associations.

Was dubbed by colleagues as "Newest Hardcourt Phenomenon."

He also got the chance to play with Basketball Superstar Lebron James, who visited Manila earlier this week, and gave him an "Alley Oop." Oh, lucky guy!

His older bro Andrei is very proud of him for such a huge achievements at young age. He even tweet recently "My brother is better than me on basketball. I've known i'm very proud of him and i love him so much.

Kobe is also a member of the Philippine team that won the recent FIBA ASIA 3-on-3 Under-18 championship as well as SEABA (Southeast Asia Basketball Association) Under-16 who also won the championship just last week.

On the recent interview yesterday on Startalk, Kobe shows his 'brainy' side while being interviewed by the flirty Heart Evangelista.

When asked if what's his reaction when people call him "Handsome" and gaining twitter followers.
"Syempre nakuha ko yung kaguwapuhan..ah yung face ko sa Daddy ko. Siyempre pogi rin naman Daddy ko." he said.

Is he currently in a relationship? Or courting someone?
"Secret," he said. "Well at this point, friends friends lang naman, nothing seriously."

What qualities of a girl he always look for?
"Ahmm... 3 F's lang. Fine, funny and simple." he said.

His crushes in showbiz if any?

"How i wish Solenn is my age" he said.

He also clarifies an intriguing twitter post made by him .
"Senti moments lang with the barkada. But now it's doing good."

What would be his message to his brother Andrei who idolizing him?

"Sa totoo lang, 'drei, idol talaga kita"
"You're my inspiration why I worked harder and what i've became today. Thank You."

His message to his dad Benjie and mom Lyxen?
"Sorry for getting you guys in trouble because of my honesty.
"But anyway thank and I love so much and thank you for the support." Kobe added.

Message to his fans?
he said, "Thank you guys for the support and I promise to do well and make you guys proud."

Watch Kobe Paras journey in the colorful world of showbiz!

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